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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Favorite Dog Boots

A neccessity for any fashion-conscious pup, these stylish dog boots will turn heads everywhere while keeping your dog's paws clean and safe! Quality materials and craftsmanship make these boots a must have. These boots feature durable soles, contrast piping trim, a front zipper, velcro closure, and silver detail. Made of soft vinyl uppers; rubber soles; neoprene tongues,and a sponge and polyester inner lining. They come in their own matching carrying case. Available in black, red, or pink.  Shop dog boots now.

Why do dogs need boots?

•Keeps paws clean while playing outdoors.

•Keeps paws safe from coarse ground such as concrete or cement.

•Protects paws from salt and/or frostbite during the snowy winter season.

•Helps to prevent infection on paw pads.